Paul Miesing

Strategic vision, organizational change and transformation, technology transfer, business and education use of information technology

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Paul Miesing
Associate Professor

School of Business
Department: Management

Affiliated Faculty
Department of Information Science, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
BB 347



Paul Miesing conducts research and training in the various areas of "Strategic Management" in particular cross-culture management and organization, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics. He has published dozens of articles and papers in both academic and practitioner journals including several of the top business journals across all disciplines. He has also held appointments as MBA Director and Department Chair, served on the Faculty Board of his campus’ Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, has several joint appointments including on two different Ph.D. programs, and is a recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award in the School of Business. He has helped many audiences, including companies, civic groups, industry associations, and government agencies, both locally and internationally. He was a Fulbright lecturer at Fudan University in Shanghai during 1998-1999 and has delivered lectures, seminars, and scholarly presentations on various management and organization issues and topics around the world.  

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Research Interests

Research Interests
Current research projects in Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, and Environmental Sustainability.

Applied Interests
Facilitating strategic change; Strategic leadership; Organizational learning 

Academic Subfields
Business Ethics; International Business

Additional Information


Joint Appointments to Rockefeller College's Department of Public Policy, PhD Program in Information Science, and Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research

Member of Academy of Management; Beta Gamma Sigma (national honor society in business); International Association for Business and Society (charter member)

Teaching Philosophy

If a single approach characterizes my teaching philosophy, it is to create the learning environment and get out of the way. In pursuit of a lively and healthy learning environment that is intellectually stimulating, I have used and developed cases, exercises, in-baskets, and simulations. I have extensively integrated information technologies that are changing the way we work, teach, learn, and live into my teaching. 


BUS 693: Internship in SEED (Graduates)
MGT 460: Social Entrepreneurship (Undergrads)
MGT 513: Organization Behavior (MBA)
MGT 682: Strategic Management (MBA)
MGT 685: Global Strategic Management (MBA)
INF 720: PhD Pro Seminar in Managing Information and Technology in Organizations



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Awards and Honors

Mentioned in several editions of "Who's Who in America"

Received or contributed to numerous grants and awards, including from General Electric Fund, Sloan Foundation, the Center for Creative Leadership, New York State, and multiple campus grants

Served as reviewer for Fulbright Senior Specialists Program and National Science Foundation

Obtained a Fulbright Scholar Award to the People's Republic of China

Article on "Using Electronic Networks in Management and Executive Learning" in the Journal of Workplace Learning” received one of MCB's Awards for Excellence and article on "How Important Are Stakeholder Relationships?" received Allied Academies International's Distinguished Research Award.