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April 17, 2009 The University at Albany | State University of New York

NTIR 2009 Posters

Ira Goldstein, Informatics
Specializing: A Method For Combining Classifiers For Multi-Class

Lucy Dadayan, Informatics
Promises and Pitfalls of Health

Chris Leeder, Informatics
Surveying the Commons: Current Implementation of Information Commons Websites

Abebe Rorissa, Informatics, Mohammed Gharawi, Informatics & Dawit Demissie, Informatics
An exploratory study of e-government websites and services in Asia

Tao Xu, Informatics
To search is to believe? A Comparative Study of Health Information Seekers

Lenore Horowitz, Informatics
MIT OpenCourseWare: an OER Success Model

Xiao Liang, Informatics
10 years of JAHC --An analysis of interdisiplinary journal

Yu-Hui Chen, Carol Anne Germain, Abebe Rorissa (Informatics)
Usability/Web Usability Definitions: A Further Exploration

Devendra Potnis & Dawit H. Demissie, Informatics
Barriers to Socio-economic Opportunities in Africa

Devendra Potnis , Informatics
Mobile Technologies and Disadvantaged Women: A Mixed Methods Study of Information Behavior in a Developing Nation Context

Kuang-Yuan Huang, Informatics
Semantic Concept Recognition and Semantic Relation Extraction with Co-bootstrapping on labeled and unlabeled data

Mohammed A. Gharawi ,Informatics
Factors Influencing the Institutionalization of the IT Governance Structure: An International Study of the Public Organizations in Saudi Arabia

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