Kinsun Tam
Associate Professor

School of Business
Department: Accounting and Law

Affiliated Faculty
Department of Information Science, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
BB 357



University of Connecticut, PhD in Accounting, 1999

University of Massachusetts Boston , MBA and BA in Computer Science 1994

Research Interests

XML, markup languages, computerized content analysis, computerized internal controls, Internet technologies, bug prevention and debugging

Additional Information

Academic Subfields

Accounting Information Systems
Financial Accounting


"CEO gender and accounting conservatism" (Ho, Li, Tam, & Zhang) accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics, 2013.

"Internal control computerization for derivatives" (Chang, Fernando, Hussein, & Tam) International Journal of Digital Accounting Research Vol. 12, 2012: 121-144.

"Debugging debugging" (Tam) in Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops (COMPSACW), 2011 IEEE 35th Annual 512 – 515.  Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/COMPSACW.2011.93

"The role of text analytics and information retrieval in the accounting domain" (Fisher, Garnsey, Goel, Tam). Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting 2010, Vol 7.

"Transplanting social capital to the online world -- Insights from two experimental studies" (Chi, Chan, Seow, and Tam) in Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 2009, Vol. 19(3):214-236.