Argument Institute

Argument in Action: Teaching Source-Based Writing
Across the Content Areas

Co-sponsored by the Capital District Writing Project and Capital Region BOCES

June 27-28, 2019
Cost: $375

In the CDWP’s Argument in Action: Teaching Source-Based Writing Across the Content Areas, teachers participate in intensive, collaborative study of the teaching of source-based argument writing, close reading for critical thinking, and student inquiry for deep engagement.

Teachers engage in the work of the National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program, which over the course of a three-year national study was found to have a statistically significant effect on four attributes of student argument writing — content, structure, stance, and conventions. The study also found that students exhibited particular proficiency in the quality of reasoning and use of evidence in their writing.

In the CDWP Argument Institute, participants:

  • Approach argument as a “master genre” in social and academic discourse, in which student writers research routinely, address multiple perspectives, and write for a purpose
  • Develop and refine common language for discussing student writing, curricular elements such as unit and course goals, and instructional practices
  • Use cycles of asset-based assessment to discern both what students know how to do and next best learning steps
  • Experience collaborative teacher inquiry and practice using data to inform instruction
  • Apply student-centered, inquiry-based, and multi-modal pedagogies to current practice
  • Experience differentiation of texts, assessments, and instructional approaches in argument writing instruction
  • Develop and refine writing curriculum that is responsive to student, school, and community needs

For more information, contact Carol Forman-Pemberton, [email protected].