How to report your publicly engaged work in the Faculty Activity Report

New features to facilitate Public Engagement Reporting

Steps for Public Engagement Reporting

As with other parts of the FAR, faculty members are at their discretion to fill out the new questions as meets their needs and those of their department. Campus wide, this is an opportunity to have engaged work in all disciplines represented as well as to advance and celebrate faculty work in public engagement.

  1. First, please start by reading the definitions of public engagement and related terms to help report on publicly engaged teaching, scholarship/research and service. In the FAR, you can access these definitions by using the blue ? button . E.g., you will see that button after the following question: “Check to indicate this activity has a public engagement component” Also it is in the new section Publicly Engaged Work/Activities.
  2. You will find these questions under the following activity areas:
    • Activity Areas - Question Location
    • Scheduled Teaching - beneath COURSE_SIRF
    • Independent Study and Internship - at the bottom of each
    • Dissertation/Thesis/Research Practicum - beneath TYPE_OTHER
    • Artistic and Professional Performances - beneath LOCATION
    • Publications and Intellectual - beneath TITLE
    • Presentations - beneath TITLE
    • Grants and Contracts - beneath SPONORG
    • Intellectual Property b- eneath NATIONS
    • Other Research - beneath DESC
    • Consulting - beneath DESC
    • Other Activity with Students - Beside FAC_ROLE
    • Departmental Service - beneath ROLEOTHER
    • School/College Service - beneath ROLEOTHER
    • University Level Service - beneath ROLEOTHER
    • SUNY, State-Wide Service - beneath ROLEOTHER
    • Renamed: Community Board/Other Service - beneath ROLEOTHER
    • NEW – External Service and Partnerships - beneath UAlbany Job-Related Only
  3. Once you have filled out the parts of the FAR that relate to you, review your public engagement activities. When in the FAR, access any screen where you enter or manage your activities. Click on Rapid Reports at the bottom right of the screen (looks like part of a taskbar) and then choose “Public Engagement Report” for AY 14/15.
  4. Printing out this summary will help you fill out the new section Publicly Engaged Work/Activities – see #5 below.
  5. From the main menu, choose the screen for Summaries of All Publicly Engaged Work. It is important to read the intro screen there because it explains a new concept the FAR is using. Very briefly, to capture your accomplishments, you can report on groupings of related activities that you create and which may include research, teaching and/or service. (You can still report on an individual item if preferred.) This approach is designed to save you time as you report on types of work and fields involved, collaborating entities, areas of outcome/impact, beneficiaries and their location, etc. Drop down menus facilitate responses. How you group activities is your choice and may relate to your programs, projects or other work clusters.
  6. Add additional groupings or individual activities.


And Thank You for Participating in This Important Initiative to Help Tell UAlbany’s Story of Public Engagement!
Instructions provided by the Public Engagement Council - March 30, 2015

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