CAS Departments awarded CHEER funds for Student Engagement Activities

What is the Cheer Fund?
Creating Highly Engaging Educational Resources

The CHEER Fund supports faculty and staff initiated undergraduate engagement activities by reimbursing up to $250.00 of incurred expenses. Engagement activities can be loosely defined as opportunities for personal interaction between faculty/staff and undergraduate students that create a mutual sense of intellectual investment. In other words, anything that sparks our students’ interest in learning.
For more information about the CHEER Fund please visit the Student Engagement Site

2015-2016 CAS CHEER Grant Recipients:

Professor Andi Lyons Department of Music & Theatre.
Professor Vivien Ng Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
Professor Oleg Lunin Department of Physics

2014-2015 CAS CHEER Grant Recipients:

Technical Director John Knapp Department of Music & Theatre.
Professor Barry Trachtenberg Department of History - Judaic Studies.
Professor Matthew Szydagis Department of Physics
Professor Sarah Cohen Department of Art & Art History
Professor Kendra Smith-Howard Department of History

2013-2014 CAS CHEER Grant Recipients:

Professor Mitch Earleywine Department of Psychology.
Professor Andi Lyons Department of Music & Theatre.
Administrative Manager Janna Harton Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures


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