Jennifer Burrell

Associate Professor

Department of Anthropology

Dr. Jennifer Burrell has served as consultant and expert witness for U.S. immigration cases for Central Americans in general and in particular, for people from the municipality in which she’s conducted fieldwork for the past two decades. Burrell consults in human and economic rights, with organizations like the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (an organization that applies forensic anthropology to investigate human rights violations including investigating the murdered students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico; and, assembling a Central America-wide database on missing migrants) and recently, with the Interamerican Development Bank, assessing their work with indigenous peoples in Central and South America. Burrell has worked as part of a binational team researching health care accessibility among Mexican and Central American migrants in the NY State Capital Region and in Mexico. In these capacities, she’s been active in policy recommendations in the worlds of human rights, grassroots economic development, immigration, and healthcare.

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