Supported Hardware

CAS Computing will support the following University-owned hardware:

  • Intel Pentium 4 computers and above. Desktops: Dell Optiplex 280 or higher.*
  •  Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers

* (Limited and best-effort support for machines outside of Dell-brand, specifically Dell Optiplex and Dell Latitude models. Other models may not be supported.)

Although there may be some usefulness for legacy machines, computer systems older than three years should be considered for replacement. Older systems are typically more expensive to maintain due to non-warranty parts. CAS Computing will attempt to support these older machines on a best-effort basis. Once a system is out of warranty, hardware problems will not be addressed by the PC Service Center.

University-owned equipment used at home is supported provided the equipment is brought to campus for diagnosis and repair. CAS Computing cannot support privately-owned equipment whether used on-campus or off.

Maintaining individual or departmental servers outside of the College's or University's standard support structure is strongly discouraged. The College runs servers that provide file sharing, print sharing, and back-up services. Faculty or staff who feel their needs can only be met by running their own server are encouraged to contact CAS Computing to develop a supportable solution. If a server is compromised or becomes insecure in any way, it is possible that it will be taken off the network. It is the user's responsibility to then return the server to a secure state. View the ITS website for additional information regarding servers.