Quota Limits for Department and Research Shares

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Policy Statement
Quotas will be applied to all department and research shares in the College. Departments will receive 20GB and research groups will receive 25GB for their shares. Research share quota can be increased in 25GB increments after a review of the needs of the researcher. The maximum quota for a research share is 100GB. 

Reason for Policy
Storage and backup of files requires the use of college resources, namely staff time and college funds. This policy assures that the college resources are used and maintained in an efficient manner.

Before requesting a quota increase, researchers are encouraged to review the files that they have stored on their research share. The share should be used for current research; older files should be archived on CD’s or other storage media. If assistance is needed in reviewing the files or an increase in space is required, send a request to cascomp@albany.edu.

Policy last updated: 2011/04/25