Software Installations for Classrooms and Labs

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Policy Statement
Departments or faculty members are responsible for notifying CAS Computing 6 weeks before the start of the semester or start of summer session of any updates or new software requests for a lab or classroom. CAS Computing will inform the departments of the deadline by notifying the chair and the assistant to the chair by email. A notice will also be placed on the CAS Computing web page. The faculty member or department is responsible for the cost of the licenses. Software will not be considered for installation after the 6 week deadline.

A license must be purchased for each computer in the lab or classroom. If the license allows, the college’s Keyserver can be used to cut down the number of licenses needed. The vendor must support the installed software under the current operating system. Computers are locked down so faculty or students will not be able to install software or make changes to a computer’s configuration. Computers are reimaged as necessary so saving files on a specific computer is discouraged, classroom shares are provided for this purpose.

If specialized software is needed, the faculty member will be asked to test the software installation to certify that it is working to their needs. CAS Computing will contact the department or faculty member when and if testing is necessary.

Reason for Policy
CAS Computing maintains many departmental classrooms and graduate labs in the college. It is difficult to add or make changes to software during the middle of the semester. Creating an image also takes time and requires testing, therefore the 6 week time allotment is necessary. In an effort to create a secure and reliable environment, the computers are equipped with software that erases changes made by users each time the computer is rebooted. Faculty and students need to be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Policy last updated: 2008/11/17