Purchasing Supported Software/Hardware

Policy:  Responsibility lies with the purchaser to ensure that software and/or hardware purchased are supported by CAS Computing

Policy Statement:
Before an order is placed, it is up to the department and/or faculty/staff member to ensure that the hardware or software being purchased is supportable by CAS Computing.  Contact CAS Computing at cascomp@albany.edu to verify that your purchase is supportable. 

Reason for Policy:
Due to the many disciplines in the College, the variety of hardware and software is extensive.  CAS Computing will make a best effort to support what is purchased but there are some categories that are not supportable.  It is difficult to maintain a list of what is and is not supported but some guidelines can be found here:  https://www.albany.edu/cascomp/policies.php.  Please contact CAS Computing (cascomp@albany.edu) before making any major purchases to make sure that the purchase can work with the College and University technology infrastructure. 

Last updated 6/12/2012