Network Resource Access Management

Policy:  Managers of network resources are responsible for assuirng that access to these resources is maintained.

Policy Statement:
Departments, researchers, and other entities that have network resources are the best source in determining who should have access to those resources.  A manager is designated by the department or owners(s) of the resource(s) and it becomes the manager's responsbility to ensure the proper access to the resource is maintained.  This includes:

  • Signing the Employee Access and Compliance Agreement ( and filing it with the Dean's Office.
  • Assuring that access is limited to those individuals that need it.
  • With assistant from CAS Computing, assuring that network resources are structured so that information that is confidential and/or sensitive is stored in areas that have exteremly limited and carefully maintained access.
  • Removing or requesting that an individual be removed if they no longer need access to the network resource.

Reason for Policy:
As the owner of the information or equipment (printer, scanner, etc.) the department, researcher, or other responsible individual is the best source to determine who should have access to the resource(s).  As individuals leave the department or University or have changes in their responsibilities, their access should be removed or updated.

More detailed information on maintaining access to network resources is located here: