Analysis of Files Before an Increase in Quota

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Policy Statement
AlUpon the receipt of a request to increase a faculty or staff member’s quota, CAS Computing staff will perform a file analysis before the request is filled. After the analysis, the faculty or staff member will receive two reports. The first will be a listing of any duplicate files that exist in the share. The second will be a listing of files by size. It is the share owner’s responsibility to delete any duplicate files and to ascertain if all of the files in the share are needed. The share owner is responsible for making sure that the share does not contain multimedia files intended for entertainment, programs or installers.

In performing the analysis, CAS Computing staff members will not examine the content of the files and will not make any changes to the files or the structure of the share. If files in a share are sensitive in nature, adjustments can be made to this procedure in advance through consultation with the director of CAS Computing. CAS Computing will be happy to assist any faculty or staff member in reducing the size of their share.

Reason for Policy
The network storage provided by CAS Computing requires resources to maintain. Network storage is backed up nightly which is a time-consuming and expensive service. Share owners can mitigate this expense by periodically analyzing and reducing the contents of their shares. The reports created by CAS Computing will assist the share owners in their analysis. For further information about shares and quotas, please visit the CAS Computing web page.