College Computer Replacement Program

Policy Statement: 

When available, the College provides funds to purchase faculty and staff computers with the goal of replacing outdated equipment with functional, supportable computers.  The following guidelines and criteria apply:

  • The oldest computers are given priority. However, departments will be consulted in the decision process.  
  • Computers will be replaced as funds are available
  • Faculty and staff may choose from the current standard Dell quotes or Apple computer configurations which will be supplied by CAS Computing.
  • If a faculty or staff member requires a laptop, the College will provide funding as long as there is not an excessive difference between the cost of a laptop and the cost of a Dell desktop.  If the difference is excessive, the College will provide funding equal to the cost of a Dell desktop requiring the department or user to find state funds to make up the difference. 
  • If a desktop computer is purchased, it must remain on campus.
  • If a laptop computer is purchased and is taken off campus for use, paperwork must be filed to indicate that the equipment is being taken off campus per university policy and procedures.  The form can be found here,
  • If a faculty/staff member has a desktop and a laptop, the newest of the two will be considered when evaluating eligibility for replacement. 
  • Desktops will include only one monitor.  Any additional peripherals (monitors, printers, etc.) will have to be purchased out of startup funds, department funds or other funds available.
  • The replaced computers will be surrendered to CAS Computing for redistribution in the College or for surplus.
  • If a computer is accepted, the user must be willing to have his/her current computer replaced in a timely manner.
  • The standard browsers, Microsoft Office and free software that users have found helpful will be installed on the computer.  It is up to the user to supply or find funding for any additional software.  CAS Computing will assist in installing any additional software.
  • All CAS Computing policies ( will apply in the setup and configuration of these computers. 
  • The user will need to provide installation media and proof of current license for any additional software required on the computer.  The software must be able to run on current operating systems.
  • CAS Computing will assist users in moving files from the old computer to the new one. 

Reason for Policy

This policy informs departments, faculty and staff of the process used when distributing College computer purchases.  The goal of this program is to replace the oldest computers on faculty/staff desks in the College.