Basic Software Installation

Policy:  Basic Software Installations on College Computers

Policy Statement:
In order to facilitate support for computers throughout the College, all college computers, including those not directly supported by the staff of CAS Computing, must be configured with the base computer image developed and maintained by CAS Computing.  Additional software can be added after the base image is installed.  In departments that don’t have their own computer support, CAS Computing will do the installation of the base image and will be happy to assist in the installation of additional software.  CAS Computing will work closely with computer support in departments to ensure that they have access to and are able to install the most recent images.

Exceptions will only be made if hardware or software needed for business or academic tasks will not function if the base image is used.  Contact CAS Computing at when seeking an exception. 

Reason for Policy:
CAS Computing maintains base computer images for both the Windows and Apple OS X operating systems.  These images include the operating system, Microsoft Office and free tools and utilities that many in the College have found helpful.  Having all computers configured with the same images ensures that CAS Computing staff can more efficiently support all computers in the College.  Installation and subsequent troubleshooting is expedited due to the common setup and results in less downtime for the user.  Diagnostic tools are included in the image to assist in troubleshooting.   Users are free to add additional software and personalize the desktop after the base image is installed.

Last updated 6/12/2012