Network Resources

CAS Computing Services offers a variety of network resources to help you manage and backup data. For help using these resources, please visit our FAQ or Tutorials pages.

Network Storage & Resources

Personal Network Storage

ITS provides a personal network storage space (a "share") for users with an Active Directory account. Users logging into computers with a Windows operating system will see the share automatically connected (or "mapped") as drive letter "U:". Macintosh computers may not (depending on configuration) automatically connect to a user's personal share, though a connection can be made manually with a few simple steps and semi-automated as desired.

Departmental Network Storage

Users also have varying access to another shared network resource for all members of their specific department. Windows computers should automatically connect to this share as drive letter "O:". Macintosh computers can also connect to a departmental share with a few simple steps.  Directions are available on the Tutorials page.

Departmental shares ("O: drive") contain 4 standard directories: "Chair", "Office", "Faculty", "Common" :

  • The chair folder is accessible only by the departmental chair and his/her assistant.
  • The office folder is accessible by all office staff as designated by the department.
  • The faculty folder which is accessible to faculty and staff only.
  • Finally, the common folder is accessible by all department members, including graduate students. Some department shares may contain additional directories for specialized needs.
Research Network Storage

Faculty with a need to share research data amongst a group can also request to have research share created. On Windows computers research shares are usually connected as drive letter "R:" and enable all the collaborators in a research lab to easily share and store files. To request a research share, by filling out a help request at or call 442-2651. Please provide a list of users who should have access to the share. In an effort to keep your share secure, only the "owner" or lead researcher of the lab may make requests for additional users' to a research share.

Classroom Network Storage
Faculty who teach in any of the classrooms supported by CAS Computing can also have the classroom's share (as the" T: drive") mapped when logging in. This enables faculty to copy files to the classroom share in their office and have them available when teaching in the classroom.

Backup and Recovery
CAS Computing network resources follow the ITS File Backup and Retention Policy.

Go to the Tutorials page for information on how to recover files.

Printer Network Resource

Access to network printers is also provided through an Active Directory account. Network printers are owned by departments, research groups and individual faculty members. If you have any questions on the ability to print to a network printer in your area or need one configured, by filling out a help request at

Additional Network Storage Information

Network shares can also be created for other uses. In the past, CAS Computing has created shares for faculty searches, research collaboration between faculty and many others. If you have a need, feel free to contact us.

Review the CAS Computing Policy information regarding network resources.