Methods for Computer Replacement

Methods for Computer Replacement
There are several methods to receive new or used computers to replacing aging equipment.  Departments need to inform CAS Computing of their needs so that when equipment becomes available, it can be distributed equitably. 

CAS Computing maintains an inventory of computers in the College through a program called KeyServer.  This inventory captures the majority of the computers in the College but some fall through.  It is imperative that individual users keep their department informed of their computing needs and that the department passes unmet needs on to CAS Computing.  Upon request, CAS Computing will be happy to provide an inventory from KeyServer for a department.

College Computer Replacement Program (CCRP)
The College attempts to budget funds to purchase a number of computers for faculty and staff.  There is no guarantee that funds will be available yearly but departments should be prepared to prioritize their needs.  CAS Computing will supply inventory reports and work with departments in their needs assessment.  More information on the CCRP is available here

Used Computers Acquired from Other Departments in the College or University
CAS Computing occasionally receives used equipment from other departments in the College or from the University.  These are often used to replace computers in classrooms, graduate labs, research labs and adjunct offices.  It is imperative that departments inform CAS Computing of their needs and priorities. 

The Office of Equipment Management often has computers, printers and other peripherals available for surplus.  Go to to see what is available.  Before accepting a surplus item, please check with CAS Computing to see if it can be supported.