FACULTY COUNCIL | committee list

2017 - 2018

The standing committees of the Faculty Council consult with and advise the Faculty and the Dean on College policies, academic programs, courses, and personnel decisions. All actions of the Council's Committees, with the exception of personnel recommendations by the Tenure and Promotion Committee, are reported to the Faculty Council and are subject to confirmation by the Council.


Chair Caro-Beth Stewart
Biological Sciences S18
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect Jon Mandle
Philosophy S18
Recorder Julia Jennings
Anthropology S18
Dean Edelgard Wulfert, ex officio College of Arts and Sciences
Executive Committee includes the above officers and Chairs of the standing committees

Name Rank/Title Department Term End


Jon Mandle, Chair
Professor Philosophy S19
Gerald Zahavi
History  S19
Haijun Chen Associate Professor Biological Sciences S19
Helene Scheck
Associate Professor

Tenure & Promotion

Duncan Cumming, Chair Associate Professor Music & Theatre S19
Richard Hamm Professor History S19
Michael Hill Professor English
Robert Fovell Professor Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences S18
Sho-Ya Wang Professor Biological Sciences S18
Joanne Kaufman
Associate Professor WGS S19
Jayanti Pande
Associate Professor Chemistry
Laurie Feldman Professor
Tim Gage Professor
Anthropology/Human Biology S18
Yiming Ying Associate Professor
Mathematics & Statistics S19
Marie Rabideau, ex officio Assistant Dean Office of the Dean

Staff Support: Ross Smith
Senior Staff Assistant
Office of the Dean

Faculty Development

James Boswell, Chair Assistant Professor Psychology S18
Jon Petruccelli Assistant Professor
Physics S19
Archana Krishnan Assistant Professor Communication S19
Megan Solon Assistant Professor LLC S18
Ting Wang Assistant Professor
Chemistry S19
Chun-Yo Ho Assistant Professor Economics S19
Susanna Fessler, ex officio Associate Dean
Office of the Dean

Staff Support: Rick Ruotolo
Staff Assistant Office of the Dean  

Academic Programs

Oliver Elison Timm, Chair
Res.  Assoc. Professor
Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
Michelle Harris Professor
Africana Studies
Rakhee Balaram
Assistant Professor
Art & Art History S19
Zoya Gubernskaya Assistant Professor  Sociology S18
Rui Li Assistant Professor  Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences S18
Karla Kash Associate Professor Music & Theatre S19                   
Elana Stein Senior Staff Assistant University in the High School  S19
Carmen Serrano Assistant Professor LLC S19
Kathryn Walat Playwright/Producer Music & Theatre S19

Staff Support: Cindy Endres 
Secretary to the Dean
Office of the Dean

Academic Support

Helen Strother, Chair
Director CAS Computing S19
Changlong Zhong Assistant Professor Mathematics & Statistics S18
Brian Rose Assistant Professor Geography & Planning
David Graper Programmer-Analyst CAS Computing S19
John Person
Assistant Professor
 East Asian Studies
Elizabeth Gaffney, ex officio Assistant Dean Office of the Dean
Staff Support: Cindy Endres Secretary to the Dean Office of the Dean