Pinka Chatterji and Christine Vassallo-Oby Receive Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching

Associate Professor Chatterji and Dr. Vassallo-Oby were chosen based on their sustained excellence in classroom teaching as revealed by grade-distributions, course assignments, syllabi, student comment, innovative approaches and teaching philosophy.

Dr. Pinka Chatterji (Department of Economics)

Dr. Chatterji joined the Department of Economics in January of 2008 and quickly became a sought-after instructor. She teaches at all levels: undergraduate upper and lower, and graduate. At every level, her teaching evaluations are impeccable She has a strong understanding of the material she wants to deliver and knows how to deliver it. Professor Chatterji is a very hard working and dedicated teacher. Knowledgeable and innovative, she is always generous and encouraging to her students. She has shown a sustained commitment to her students, department, the College and to this University.

Select student comments:

  • Professor Chatterji “is great at explaining course content and would do anything for student success”
  • “One of the best professors I’ve had”
  • “Chatterji is awesome”
  • “Chatterji is absolutely amazing and without her the course would not be the same”

Christine Vassallo-Oby(Department of Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies)

Christine Vassallo-Oby is a highly regarded, indeed inspirational, instructor. She teaches for LACS as an adjunct professor and next semester will begin her appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor. She has demonstrated her dedication and willingness to go above and beyond expectations. She has taught an astounding variety of courses across the LACS curriculum. Her teaching philosophy tells us that her “focus as an instructor is creating a learning environment centered on cross-cultural understanding and helping students to…become culturally sensitive and globally mindful.”

A colleague commented “She is a natural instructor” and commended her for her “dedication and genuine commitment to her students”

Select student comments:

  • “The greatest professor on this campus. Her teaching style is amazing. Extremely engaging”
  • “Incredibly interesting and engaging class, one of the best I have ever taken at either school I attended.”
  • “She is a phenomenl teacher. I admire her ability to transform the class into a safe place where students are appreciated.”

Consistently, her students use the words “passionate” “enthusiastic” “amazing” and “fantastic” to describe Professor Vassallo-Oby.