Anthropology Students Win Public Anthropology Award

Twelve students in Professor Walter Little’s Cultural Anthropology Course (ANT 108) recently received the Public Anthropology Award as part of a Public Anthropology Community Action Website Project.  Participating were over 4,000 North American students from 25 schools.  Albany’s award winners are:  Hannah Buckbee, Victoria Cox, Erin Vollmer, Melisa Erwin, Ryan Bunts, Jenna Lazzaro, Lisa Fuchs, Nicole Palmer, Morgan Wheatley, Christina Castro, Elizabeth Kardas, and Kevin Nugent.

The competition is designed to help students hone essential professional skills including critical thinking, objectivity, and effective communication.  Each student was asked to write an opinion piece on the issue “Who should be the beneficiaries of anthropological research:  the anthropologists doing the research, the broader society supporting the research, or both?”   Students were asked to clearly express their stand on this statement and to argue persuasively for this position.  The structure of the piece, clarity, and tone were also considered in judging student opinion pieces. Teaching assistants Ryan Levy, James Shuford, and Kristian Tamtomo provided guidance as the students developed their essays.

Professor Little noted, ““The students in the class are taking the skills they acquired in the Public Anthropology competition and writing a second set of Op-Eds in which they apply an anthropological perspective to real world issues that concern them. We will submit the best to local newspapers."

Congratulations to Professor Little and his students on this noteworthy accomplishment.