Cristian Lenart Recieves 3 NSF Grants

Cristian Lenart, Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is the recipient of three National Science Foundation grants, each of them for three year periods. These awards will support his current research, as well as provide funding for his PhD students. His current research project focuses on the applications of a combinatorial model that he developed to various areas of mathematics, such as representation theory, enumerative geometry, and number theory.

Professor Lenart began his career at the University at Albany in 1999, and last spring was promoted to Professor. His research is in the general area of algebraic combinatorics and its applications. It is concerned with the development of new computational models, based on combinatorial structures, for various areas in algebra and geometry. This type of research is at the forefront of current mathematical research, being related to developments within mathematics itself (the current emphasis on computation), to the advent of computers, as well as to recent applications to theoretical physics. His findings have been presented at several national and international conferences. Professor Lenart will be participating in a semester program as a fellow in residence of the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at Brown University in the near future.

Cristian Lenart Web Site
NSF webpage about his latest grant.