Economics Launches Exhange Program with Tohoku University in Japan

The Department of Economics at the University at Albany has started an exchange program with the Faculty of Economics at Tohoku University in Sendai City, Japan, involving both faculty and students beginning in October 2013.

The program provides economics students an inside track to exchange opportunities at Tohoku University as well as to scholarship opportunities associated with the exchange program. Applicants for admission may also apply for a scholarship provided by the Japanese Government through the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The exchange would enriches the UAlbany program by providing the campus with students from Tohoku. The Department of Economics at Albany is expecting one exchange student from Tohoku for the coming academic year. Each side of the exchange can send up to two students per year to the other department.

Tohoku University, founded in 1907, is the third Imperial University (following Tokyo University and Kyoto University), is the leading university north of Tokyo, and enrolls more than 18,000 students, including 1400 international students. Information on Tohoku University is available from the Handbook for International Students.

Tohoku University is one of leading universities in Japan, and the best one north of Tokyo. The Faculty of Economics at Tohoku University is roughly equivalent to a combined economics and business school and operates like a semi-independent college. The Faculty of Economics at Tohoku University initiated the contact with the Department of Economics and the department was happy to follow up on their proposal. One of the Ph.D. graduates from UAlbany Department of Economics, Jiro Akita, is on the Faculty of Economics at Tohoku.

Applications for 2013-14 are now closed, but interested students may consult Prof. Michael Sattinger ( and Prof. Kwan Koo Yun ( for information on the program for 2014-5. For information about other opportunities to study abroad, visit the Office of Study Abroad and Exchanges.