Kevin Knuth develops start-up company, Autonomous Exploration, Inc.

Associate Professor of Physics, Dr. Kevin Knuth, has developed a start up company inspired by his collaborative research entitled Autonomous Exploration, Inc.  Autonomous Exploration, Inc. was incorporated in Massachusetts in May of 2008 by Dr. Julian L. Center, Jr. (CEO) and Dr. Kevin H. Knuth (President). The mission of the corporation is to develop, manufacture and deploy robotic technologies that can be used in a wide range of applications.  A core competence of the organization is the application of Bayesian inference methods to enable autonomous exploration in settings ranging from remote physical environments to large data sets in cyberspace.

Recently, Autonomous Exploration has been awarded a 2009 NASA Phase I SBIR grant for the proposal titled “Advanced Bayesian Methods for Lunar Surface Navigation.”  A portion of this effort is being subcontracted to the Knuth Cyberphysics Laboratory at the University at Albany.  This effort will involve graduate students from physics and computer science as well as physics undergraduates and two high school student volunteers.  The result of this work will be the development of navigation systems that target the new Lunar Electric Rover and the Mark III space suits to be used in the 2020 manned missions to the Moon.