Master's in Urban and Regional Planning Degree Program Students Involved in Redevelopment of North Swan Street Park in Arbor Hill

Students from the Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning program were involved in the initial conception of a project that targets the redevelopment of the North Swan Street Park in Arbor Hill.

In Fall 2008, the UAlbany Planning Studio class of second-year students enrolled in the Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning degree program partnered with the Arbor Hill Implementation Team for their course project. This Team included a diverse group of neighborhood stakeholders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors working to implement the City of Albany’s Arbor Hill Neighborhood Plan alongside community residents.

Led by Professor Gene Bunnell, and guided by the principles laid out in the Neighborhood Plan, students selected two specific areas to pursue for their course project: fostering arts and culture in the community, and planning for more open space and park resources. Among other positive outcomes, many of the elements suggested in the student’s concept renderings for a revitalized neighborhood park at 2nd and North Swan Streets, focused on intergenerational usage and sustainable design, were later represented in the City’s final plans for redeveloping the park. The UAlbany Planning program is pleased to be partnering with Albany neighborhoods on such mutually-beneficial projects that build both communities and future planning practitioners. The featured photo was taken at the announcement of this event in the summer of 2010.