Successful Accreditation Forensics Program

The Department of Chemistry has just received notification that the Forensic Chemistry (B.S. Chemistry/Comprehensive Forensics) has been accredited by the American Academy of Forensic (AAFS) via its accrediting arm, the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).  A site visit team was on campus in September 2009 when they met with Dean Wulfert and Provost Phillips who provided support for the accreditation. 

There are hundreds of forensic programs nationally (300+) and this accreditation places the Chemistry Department as one of only 16 undergraduate programs that have earned this distinction.  An even smaller number of programs simultaneously meet the standards of the American Chemical Society.  The faculty believe that this accreditation will greatly improve their ability to recruit, market and advance the Chemistry Department.  Professor Jason Shepard is Program Director for the Forensic Chemistry program and was instrumental in guiding the accreditation process to a successful conclusion.

Meanwhile, Chemistry Professor Igor Lednev with Kelly Virkler, a recent Ph.D. graduate, have made the #1 spot on the list of the Most Downloaded papers from the journal, Forensic Science International, the top journal in the field.  The article is “Analysis of body fluids for forensic purposes: From laboratory testing to non-destructive rapid confirmatory identification at a crime scene.”

Professor Igor Lednev

Department of Chemistry
Forensic Chemistry (B.S. Chemistry/Comprehensive Forensics)

American Academy of Forensic (AAFS)
Forensic Science International