Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program Receives Award

Top row: Allen Israel (Professor), Nicholas Van Dam (grad student), John Forsyth (Assoc Professor), Robert McCaffrey (Full Professor), Leslie Halpern (Assoc Professor), Drew Anderson (Assoc Professor), Sean Sheppard (grad student), Jason Lavender (grad student), Jeremy Fox (grad student), Kyle De Young (grad student), Joseph De Leo (grad student)

Bottom row: Vivian Hwang (grad student), Amanda Russo (grad student), Jennifer Malatras (grad student), Ilana Luft (grad student), Kristin Herzberg (grad student), Andrea Hobkirk (grad student), Andrea Miele (grad student), Andrea Murray (grad student), Ari Rabkin (grad student), Sharon Danoff-Burg (Assoc Professor)

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) has recognized the Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology with the ABCT Outstanding Training Program award. The clinical program received this award for its excellence in training doctoral students in clinical science and evidence-based practice in behavior therapy. According to the Director of Clinical Training, Professor John Forsyth, ABCT indicated that “there were many excellent programs nominated, but the rich history of the UAlbany program as a home for scientist-practitioner training, the leadership of program faculty in ABCT, and the remarkable accomplishments of faculty, post-docs, and students from the program in research, education, and practice made Albany uniquely deserving of recognition.” The award will be presented at an awards ceremony held during the 43rd Annual Convention of ABCT in New York City.