Department of History

The Institute for History and Public Engagement

Thanks to support in the Compact process, from the Provost, and Dean Wulfert, the Institute for History and Public Engagement will begin operations in the 2016-2017 academic year. The goal of the Institute is to serve as a liaison between faculty and students of the University at Albany in History, in particular, and the Humanities and Social Sciences, in general, and the public at large to bring university expertise to address community needs. The range of potential projects is wide. For example students might conduct research on the history of a town or village in the Hudson Valley in order to enhance tourism. Working with Cultural Resources Management concerns, students and faculty might conduct historical impact research to enhance and support local projects. There are important questions facing local jurisdictions and businesses that can best be answered through historical research and access to the wealth of expertise in the Humanities and Social Sciences on campus. Thus the Institute might be envisioned as a single point of access for those seeking assistance on those issues. In this way the students of the University at Albany can become more engaged in research in support of local issues and concerns.

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