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A resume is a very short list of your relevant qualifications and recent work history. It allows an employer to quickly see what qualifications you have for a specific job.

Resumes should be one page unless you have significant experience or you are using the Curriculum Vitae format. There are different kinds of resumes that you can use.  If you use two pages do not assume the second page will be read.

Most students you will use a Reverse Chronological format.   This format focuses on your work experience and presents it in reverse chronological order.  It is the format that is easiest to read and easiest to create.  Learn More

Non-traditional students who have professional experience and wish to change careers may choose to use a Functional Resume or a hybrid of a Functional Resume and Reverse Chronological resume.  This style enables you to highlight specific skills and experience.  Learn  more

Graduate students and doctoral candidates may need to use a Curriculum Vitae or CV when applying for a faculty or research positions. This format is longer and includes research experience, teaching experience and publications.  Learn more

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