University at Albany

Curriculum Vitae or CV

A Curriculum Vitae or CV is used when you apply for a faculty or research position at a college or university.

It is not used for staff positions in higher education nor is it used for teaching positions in K-12.  Potential employers usually request either a CV or a resume.  You need to send them the one they ask for.  CV’s are also used in business in countries other than the United States.   If you wish to work internationally you may need to develop a CV in a format appropriate for that specific country. Check our international resources for more information about international CV’s.  This page refers to US, academic CV’s.

Unlike a resume, a CV will can be longer than 1 page.  For new and recent graduates it may be 3-4 pages.  For a faculty member with years of experience it may be 10 pages. Include the same sections as a chronological resume plus additional sections.

  • Teaching experience: Include experience as a tutor, teaching assistant, or instructor.  Provide the names of the courses and your activities as part of that class.
  • Research experience: Describe the research and it’s goals.  Explain exactly what your role was.  Did you design the research or did you assist by working with the participants or doing data entry?
  • Publications and presentations: List any works you have published or any presentations you have done at conferences.