On-line Job and Internship Resources

The following links point you to a number of resources and services that can help with your job or internship search.

Some job sites simply list job openings and others allow you to post your resume for employers to search.  You should post your resume on only a few to avoid being over exposed.

When choosing where to post your resume you should consider the following:
Is it legitimate?  Use these criteria to help you decide.
Is it appropriate?  Are the opportunities right for me?   Choose targeted sites that focus on career type, geographic area, or level of experience.

Choosing On-Line Job Sites

The Internet can be a powerful tool to help with your job search. Unfortunately, there are people who also use the internet to obtain information about your identity. Before you give anyone your personal information you should:

  • Check to see if this is a reputable site. Do a search on the internet for news about this site. Has it been hacked recently and have there been any complaints about it?
  • What is it's privacy policy? This should be easy to find on the website. You should always maintain control over who can see your resume and your contact information.
  • Are they a member of the International Association of Employment Web Sites? Members of this association agree to meet certain ethical standards. The association's website lists all members.

You should also consider using a separate email for job searching. Posting your resume on a job site will increase the spam you receive. If you receive an email offering you a job with a company that you have not met - it is a scam.