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Job/Internship Search

To find a job or internship you must first know what you want and then develop a plan to get it!

Security Alert - Beware of phony job offers! Details

Figure out what you have to offer a company including, skills, knowledge and experience.  Highlight these on your resume.

Decide what you want, both short and long term. What do you want to do and where do you want to do it.

Now build a plan.  Your plan should always include several job search methods including…
Use your Network and tell everyone you know what you are looking for. 
Check online job sites, but don’t stop there.
Decide where you want to work and go to company web pages to look for jobs.

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Make an appointment

It can take several months to find what you want so don’t wait too long to get started.  

Security Alert

As you search for positions, be it part-time, full-time, or internship, please be aware of scams targeting the job-hunting population.  For example.

1. A representative from a valid company name may contact you about a job. 
2. You do a phone interview, and are told that you are hired. 
3. They send you a "bonus" signing check.  You are told to provide your name, address, SSN, and banking information (for direct deposit of paycheck).  You provide this information. 
4. You deposit the check and find out 3-10 days later that the check was fraudulent.  Meanwhile, your bank account is cleared out. 

Therefore, NEVER give out your social security number and banking information to ANYONE over e-mail or the phone.  Please contact us here in Career Services if you ever have a question about the validity of a job offer, or suspect foul play.  We will investigate and let you know our findings.