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One common way to look for job opportunities is through the internet. More and more job posting sites are being created every day. The goal, however is not to try to place your resume on all of these sites. Not only is it impossible to post your resume on every job site, it is not advisable. You do not want to be "over exposed" in the job market. Instead of trying to put your resume everywhere, think of putting it the places that will be the most appropriate for the type of job you want.

Some jobs sites are general, all-purpose sites like Monster. Others are niche sites that focus on jobs in one type of industry or type of job, a geographic area, or a specific group of people such as new graduates. is one of the niche sites since it focuses on jobs with not-for-profit orgaizations.  

While you should consider using one large, all-purpose site, you should focus most of your time on more specific targeted sites. There are also sites that simply list job opening and do not require that you register or post your resume. Feel free to look at as many of these sites as you can. If a site does ask you to register, make sure you check it out before you give them any personal information.

Posting Your Resume

When you post your resume, consider creating a new email address just for use on these sites. It is likely that you will be spammed as soon as you post your resume. Having a separate email will help you manage that.

You should also plan to create a more generic resume for posting. Resume's contain a lot of personal information that could be used for identity theft. Consider not using your full name, just your first initial. You may also wish to conceal the names of the companies for whom you have worked. This is important for 2 reasons. A person's work history (names of companies and dates of employment) can be used to steal their identity. Also, companies sometimes look on job posting sites to see if any of their own employees are looking for a job. If your resume says large accounting firm rather than Ernst and Young your current employer will not know that you are looking. Once a company has shown interest in you, you can email them your full resume.


Choosing a Job Posting Site

The Internet can be a powerful tool to help with your job search. Unfortunately, there are people who also use the internet to obtain information about your identity. Before you give anyone your personal information you should:

  • Check to see if this is a reputable site. Do a search on the internet for news about this site. Has it been hacked recently and have there been any complaints about it?
  • What is it's privacy policy? This should be easy to find on the website. You should always maintain control over who can see your resume and your contact information.
  • Are they a member of the International Association of Employment Web Sites? Members of this association agree to meet certain ethical standards. The association's website lists all members.

Listings of Job Posting Sites

Here are some links to job posting website. This can never be a complete list since new sites are available all the time. If you know of a new site that would be useful - email us and let us know about it.

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