University at Albany

Thank you letters

It is important to acknowledge every interview with a letter or email as soon as possible after the interview.

The letters should be mailed the next day or within two days at the most. The purpose of a thank you letter is to not only thank the interviewer for their time and consideration, but also to reiterate your interest in the position.

The format is that of a standard business letter. The first and last paragraphs are straightforward.

  • The first paragraph says why you are writing.
  • The last paragraph thanks them again and tells them they can contact you for any additional information.
  • The middle paragraph(s) should refer to something specific from the interview. This paragraph is your opportunity to reinforce specific skills/experience that you have that are related to the job. It is also an opportunity to provide information you did not provide during the interview.

See our thank you letter samples for ideas.
You should send a thank you letter to each individual with whom you interviewed. If you were interviewed by several people together, you can send the letter to one person and ask them to thank everyone else.