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After an Interview

After the interview, it is important to think about how you did, write thank you letters and follow up with employers. 

How did you do? - What caught you off guard? How you can prepare better for the next interview?

Thank-you letters- Write a thank-you letter or e-mail within two days. Learn more about thank you letters

Follow up!- If you do not hear back from the company in a reasonable time, it is a good idea to follow up.  Call or e-mail them.  When you call,

  • Ask them where they are in their hiring process
  • Get a date by which you should expect to hear their decision
  • Do not ask them why they have not contacted you!

If you have an offer from a company but are still waiting for your first choice company to respond, it is OK to tell both companies as long as you are respectful and truthful.

To the company who made you an offer:
Find out when they need an answer. If you need more time, ask them for more time because you are waiting to hear from other opportunities as well. They may say no but it is never a problem to ask. 

To your first choice company:
Tell them that you have another offer but you are very interested in working for them. Ask them when they might be able to give you an answer.

During the interview process, it is likely that you will be rejected by some companies.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than not. The important thing is to not take it personally.  It can take some time to find the right job. One of the main reasons why people do not find a job in their chosen field is because they give up too soon. Stick with it and you will find the right job for you. 

If this occurs frequently, make an appointment at Career Services to do a practice interview and get feedback on how you can improve.