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Other ways to gain experience

Community service or volunteering, part-time work, and clubs and organizations are all ways you can clarify career goals or just pump up your resume. Check them out!

When choosing a career, you not only need to decide what you want to do but you also need to think about the type of company at which you want to work. You can try out these choices at a part-time job or by doing volunteer work. Examples:

  • If you want to be a teacher or work with kids, get a job as a camp counselor or volunteer for an afterschool program.
  • If you want to be a lawyer or accountant, do clerical or reception work at a law office or accounting firm. Volunteer to help people with taxes or do bookkeeping for a non-profit agency.
  • If you want to be a doctor, work or volunteer at a hospital.
Start building your professional network with the people you meet while volunteering or at your part-time job.

Summer & Part-time Jobs
Look for an experience that will develop skills you need for your future career. Ask to take on special projects that can develop your skills more. Part-time jobs can help you develop skills in sales, management, marketing, customer service, and overall people skills. You can also look for a part time job working with people in the field you want to go into. Part-time job resources

Community Service and Volunteering
Various opportunities exist both within the Capital District community and at the University itself. Some annual UAlbany events include the American Heart Walk and the Race for Literacy. Fraternities and sororities are required to complete a certain number of community service hours. When choosing the volunteer opportunity that is best for you, consider the following:
• What causes matter to you?
• How much time can you commit?
• With what kind of people do you want to work - both in terms of who is receiving services and who your co-workers might be: Children? Adults? Elderly? A certain cross-section of people?
Volunteer Resources