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Graduate School

Graduate study is a large investment in both time and money. Career Services can help with your search for a graduate school, as well as your application process.

Things to consider

Do you need a graduate degree for the career you have chosen?
Some careers require that you get an advanced degree. These include doctor, lawyer, school counselor. Careers that require a license or certification have clear requirements that will tell you what degree you need to get.

In other careers, having a graduate degree may not be required but it may give you an opportunity for a higher paying job. Getting an MBA may open more doors for you in the field of Marketing, for example. Do not assume that you will automatically get paid more for getting an advanced degree, however.

Do you want to go to graduate school right away or work first?
There is no right answer to this question. You must decide for yourself what works. Some things to think about are.....

  • Does the career you picked require an advanced degree? If you are sure about your career choice it is best to continue your education.
  • Would it be possible to have a company pay for your education if you started work first?
  • Are you feeling burned out after 4 years of college? Do you need a break?
  • Are you sure about your career choice or do you need to try some things before you decide?
  • Are you concerned that once you start working it will be too difficult to go back to school?

If you would like to talk about your options make an appointment with Career Services.