University at Albany

Resources for Sophomores

It is never too soon to start thinking about the future.

Career Services can help you figure out what to major in, what you want to do after college, and how to get started building experience to get that first job or to get into graduate school.

Have you picked your major yet?
If not, make an appointment with a counselor to help you decide.  We have assessment tests and other resources that can help you learn about yourself and your options. Check out all of our pages for exploring careers and choosing a major.

Have you picked your first career yet?
We can help you learn what your options are. There are many possible careers for every major. Check out all of our Exploring Careers pages. We even have pages that talk about Careers for your major.

Do you know what you want to do and want to get started?
Learn about internships and other ways to gain experience.  Sophomore year is a great time to start building your resume.    

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