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Supporting Your Son or Daughter's Career Development

Choosing a career and finding a job or internship can seem overwhelming to some college students. Parents and family members can be an important source of information, advice and networking contacts. You can also encourage your student to seek out the help of Career Services. Many students are not aware that our office is available to help them with many questions about careers and jobs.
Student at a job fair

Seven Ways to support your student's career development

1. Listen to your child – really listen – and learn what's important to him or her. Try to separate what you'd like to see your child accomplish from what he/she wants to do.

2. Be patient with your child's timetable and rotating career ideas.  Each student has a different timetable. Some will make career decisions during their sophomore year, others not until the end of senior year. Some may seem to change their mind every month! Career Services staff can help students sort through the “career clutter” in their heads to obtain direction and focus. Remember they are only choosing their first career. Most students will have several careers during their lifetime.

3. Encourage your child to explore various career fields and options early and throughout their college career through informational interviews, volunteer work, part-time employment, and internships. Also encourage them to follow their “passion.” Career Services staff can help students find this information and these opportunities.

4. Motivate your child to become involved in several activities. Interpersonal, team, and leadership skills can be developed through participation in student organizations, clubs, and honor societies. There are over 175 student groups at UAlbany! Career Services encourages students to join and strive for leadership roles.

5. Educate your child about the value of networking. Help them meet people you know in careers that interest them to discuss “real world” job experiences. Networking can lead to internships and summer jobs. Career Services offers career fairs to connect students with employers and recommends that even freshmen and sophomores attend career fairs.

6. Become familiar with current career planning and job seeking literature so that you can give tips to your son or daughter when they solicit them. You can discuss ideas with them, help them find information, and encourage a visit to Career Services! Refer them to the Career Services web page.

7. Work with Career Services. Contact us when your company has a summer, part-time or full-time job opening so that we can advertise it to our students. Encourage your child to get actively involved with on-campus recruiting and career fairs. Volunteer to speak to UAlbany students about your position and recommendations you have for those interested in traveling down a similar career path.

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