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Resources for Freshmen

It is never too soon to start thinking about the future.

Career Services can help you figure out what to major in, what you want to do after college, and how to get started building experience to get that first job or to get into graduate school.

Career Myths

I don’t need to worry about any of this till I am a junior
College is an opportunity to learn about different careers and build the skills you need to get started.  Clubs, activities, internships, and volunteer work can all help you explore your interests and build your resume so that you have a lot to offer graduate schools and employers.  If you wait till your junior year to explore what you want, you won't have as much time to build the experience you need.

Once you decide on a major, you limit your career choices
All majors provide a variety of career options.  Some careers do require specific skills and knowledge though, like accounting and computer programming. If you already know what you want to do, Career Services can help you to understand what education will help you get there. 

I need to pick the right career now because I will have it for the rest of my life
Today people tend to have multiple careers in their lifetime.  Even when people enjoy the first career they chose, they still can want to try something new after a while.  Some career changes are natural progressions from your first career and some take you in completely different directions.  Know that you are never stuck in one career and as the world changes you should look to change with it.  

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