University at Albany

Career Resources for Asperger Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Resource Center- Links to books, websites, resources

Autism Speaks- Links varying from educational scholarships, employment/training opportunities, blogs, and artistic opportunities

Asperger's Association of New England- Asperger Syndrome, Employment, & Social Security Benefits

Anabaptist Disabilities Network- PDF Resource guide, websites, articles, books, and videos

TEACCH Autism Program- A site for young adults with Asperger’s preparing for college

ASTEP- Suggested readings, job search tools and websites, and state vocational rehabilitation offices

The Economist- Article on why Asperger Syndrome is an asset to companies

Penelope Trunk- A blog post guide to working effectively as a coworker with Asperger’s

Forward Motion- Recognizing Asperger Syndrome in the work place