Fitness Center Equipment

The SEFCU Fitness Center is outfitted with a wide range of equipment, designed to meet the needs of everyone.  Whether you’re an avid athlete or just starting a new workout routine, the SEFCU Fitness Center has you covered.  Please see below for a comprehensive list of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Cardio Offerings

Precore Elliptical Machines Precore ARC Trainers       
 Woodway Treadmills  Jacobs Ladder
Precore Treadmills Stationary Bikes


Strength Circuit

Hammerstrength Leg Press   Hammerstrength Incline Press
Precor Leg Press Precor Leg Curl
Precor Abduction/Adduction   Precor Glute Extension
Precor Overhead Press Precor Lat Pull-down
Precor Biceps Curl Precor Seated Dip
Precor Chest Press Precor Seated Row
Precor Chin/ Dip Assist Precor Fly/ Rear Deltoids
Precor Ab Crunch Precor Torso Rotation
Precor Back Extension  


Free Weight/Modular Station

Hoist Olympic Benches Hoist Smith Machine
Hoist Power Squat Cage        Hoist Incline/ Decline Benches
Hoist Jungle Gym Hoist Preacher Curl
Hoist Cable Crossover York Dumbbells
Hoist Triceps Press Hoist Lat Pull
Hoist Low Row  Hoist Multi-grip Chin Up 


 Supplemental Amenities

Resolute stretch mats   Balance balls               
Ab Deck Push Up Bars
6 LCD TV's Resistance Bands
Medicine balls