Locker Rentals

UAlbany Campus Recreation locker rentals are available to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community at large. All locker rooms offer various amenities including: private bathing facilities, hair driers, benches, and mirrors. 

 Summer 2019 Locker Rental Dates:

Summer Locker Rental: Date of Purchase - August 16, 2019Academic Annual Locker Renal: Date of Purchase - May 13, 2020

Locker Room Policies and Procedures

Locker Rental Procedures

Locker room purchases can be made at the Recreation Services Office on the main level of the Physical Education Building in room 110A. The Recreation Services Office accepts debit, credit, check and money order payments.

Locker Expirations

During the locker rental process patrons will be informed of the rental expiration date. Patrons will be required to remove their lock and all locker contents by this date. If locker contents are not removed by the date of expiration, the locker will be cleared by Campus Recreation staff. Patrons will have a two week period after expiration where they can pick up belongings from the Recreation Services Office. After two weeks, all items will be donated to charity.

Locker Renewals

If patrons are interested in renewing their locker rental before their current rental expires. they may do so by visiting the Recreation Services Office. Renewal fees are the same as the original rental fee.

Game Day Operation Policies- PE Locker Rooms

During certain home athletic events, patrons will not be able to access the men’s or women’s PE Locker Rooms. For locker room access on these days, patrons can notify a staff member in the Recreation Services Office who will assist them.

Men’s & Women’s P.E. General Locker Room

The Men’s and Women’s PE General Locker Rooms are located on the basement level of the Physical Education building. Both the Men’s and Women’s P.E. General Locker Rooms have tall and short lockers that are available for rent. Day use only lockers are also available at no cost. Both locker rooms offer changing areas, showering facilities and restroom facilities.

PE Locker Room Eligibility

To rent a locker in the PE General Locker Rooms, patrons must be a UAlbany student, faculty/staff, or have a valid Campus Recreation membership for the entire duration they are renting their locker. Patrons will be required to show a valid UAlbany ID card or Campus Recreation Membership Card before renting their locker. Graduate students who are interested in renting a locker in the P.E. locker room will be limited to semester purchases only.

PE Locker Rental Rates

Fall/Spring Semester Academic Annual
Tall Lockers  $15 $25 $60
Short Lockers $7
$10 $25

Patrons must provide their own lock, Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    PE Locker Room Closures

    There are no scheduled closures at this time.


    During P.E. locker room closures, patrons will have access to the SEFCU locker room. Please visit the Recreation Services Office located on the first floor of the PE building to gain access.