Heritage Preservation


The Office of Campus Planning (OCP) has lead responsibility in consultation with the University Administration and the Advisory Planning, Architecture and Aesthetics Committee (APAAC) for campus heritage preservation. The original Uptown Campus along with the Downtown Campus, including Alumni Quadrangle, have been determined to meet the National Register of Historic Places criteria for exceptional significance (National Register Criteria Consideration G) in the areas of Architecture and Education. As such, OCP consults with the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in regards to facilities planning and restoration efforts on campus to meet current and future programmatic needs. In large part, the 2009 Campus Heritage Preservation Plan established the heritage preservation guidelines for the Uptown Campus.

-Link to PDF - Campus Heritage Preservation Plan


Campus Heritage Preservation Plan

1974 Comprehensive Plan Updating Edward D. Stone

1998 Master Plan Report


Advisory Planning, Architecture, and Aesthetics Committee