Podium Restoration & Renewal


Though one mega structure containing fifteen original buildings and approximately 1.8 million square feet of space, the Academic Podium can be conceptualized as three distinct zones: the east end (physical science buildings such as Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics ), the west end (social science buildings such as Humanities, Social Science, Education, and Business) and the middle portion (core support such as Performance Arts, Campus Center, Computing Center and the University Library). The Academic Podium buildings were all constructed in the mid- to late 1960s, and with the exception of a few selected improvements, are outdated and do not adequately meet current teaching and research facilities standards. The challenges are particularly acute in the physical science buildings, which are equipped with specialized equipment and fume hoods and utilize large amounts of energy, thus exacerbating mechanical system inefficiencies and deferred maintenance needs.

As part of the 2013-2018 Facilities Master Plan (FMP), the University at Albany is planning for the complete renovation of the academic podium over the next 30 years. The University at Albany, through the FMP, is identifying and planning the space, programmatic and capital needs for the complete rehabilitation and renovation of these buildings. Restoring the campus core will make the best use of existing facilities and help define new space requirements to support the advancement of the University's research and teaching goals.

In summary, once most of the Business School functions/departments are moved into this new building, an existing Podium building (Building 27) will be earmarked for gut renovation as part of the University's multi-year critical maintenance plan. Similar initiatives involving new construction that leverages our ability to gut renovate buildings on the east and in the center of the Academic Podium are envisioned as part of the FMP.

Proposed Schedule:
For detailed information on project status and schedule please visit https://www.albany.edu/facilities/ for Campus Projects Map.