Panel at the 9th annula Network, NYC event

From Left to Right: Head of Financial Institutions Groups-America, Head of Funds and Insurance EMEA at ANZ, Joshua H. Landau ’95; Co-founder and CEO of Careers On The Move, Richelle Konian ’95; Finance Services Assurance practice at EY, Justin Strumph ’14, ’15; Project and Change Management Consultant at PCUBED, Chendell Aufiero B.S. ’12; IT RISK Auditor at EY, Akiem Rose ’09, ’12

Wisdom Imparted, Secrets Disclosed, Courage Provided
Network NYC

Students and alumni made contacts and exchanged ideas at the 9th annual Network NYC at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The panel, covering a wide range of knowledge and expertise, spoke to students about taking advantage of opportunities, projecting confidence and broadening their worlds.

Network NYC is not your typical alumni event. Co-founder and CEO of Careers On The Move Richelle Konian ’95 said that the event is a bridge to the professional world. “Students have the opportunity to ask questions in an informal and one-on-one basis during the reception,” Konian said.

Konian not only has the perspective of a sought-after career expert, she is also an entrepreneur. She is a Network NYC veteran, having participated on the panel all nine years that the event has been held. Recent graduate Justin Strumph ’14, ’15 provided the perspective of a recent hire at a Big Four accounting firm. As a student attending the event, he learned that it is important to keep an open mind to people and opportunities. He said, “It is important for current students to be open to all ideas that are presented to them and not shy away from any potential opportunity. Your first job out of school gives you a chance to meet people from a multitude of backgrounds and can help to grow your network for the future.”

Strumph advised students, “Come to work every day with a positive attitude. Coming to work with a positive mindset is something that your colleagues notice and are appreciative of.”

Konian encouraged students to get out into the world. She said, “Get affiliated with professional organizations and engage in conversations with business professionals. Take the opportunity to get to know your professors and advisors. Join professional organizations and clubs and lead them. Go out on the town in NYC or Boston or wherever you are. Travel or study abroad and see what it is about. Meet new people from all over the world, enjoy cultural events, try new cuisines and expand your horizons.”

Josh Landau ’95 also brought a wealth of experience to the panel. He is head of global banking coverage for the financial institutions groups of ANZ. His advice to students was to differentiate themselves. He noted that the fact that UAlbany students are not spoon-fed makes them more attractive to employers. He said, “The firms recognize that the students from UAlbany are hungrier. They had to work harder.” Landau advised students to display a level of confidence without arrogance.

In advance of Network NYC, Bryan Zaslow ’97 CEO of JBCStyle meets with members of the UAlbany chapter of the Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs. Above from left to right: Associate Director of Development Susan Gushlaw ’93, students Kyle Blackman ’16, Talia Maor ’16, Tendrina Alexandre ’16 and Mandela Gadsen ’16 with Zaslow.