Combined Concentrations: Entrepreneurship

Why Co-concentrate in Entrepreneurship?
The Entrepreneurship Advantage

Co-concentrating in entrepreneurship helps you stand out as an organizational innovator. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of asks all job candidates: “Tell me about something that you have invented…”

In these combined concentrations, you will develop answers to such critical questions, as well as develop the knowledge and habits for a career marked by imaginative innovation. Entrepreneurship offers a hands-on, experiential curriculum which compliments other fundamental areas of concentration including Marketing, Information Technology Management, and Finance.

By co-concentrating in entrepreneurship you will have the opportunity to add one or more lines to your resume emphasizing projects you have worked on in which you held a Marketing, ITM, or Finance role, while helping your team design, build, launch, and operate the sale of a new product or service in a fundraising effort for charitable cause.

Entrepreneurial experience both improves your understanding of course material and helps you standout during job interviews. Thus, co-concentrating in Entrepreneurship helps make you a better-rounded and marketable graduate whether you wish to launch your own company, work as a change-agent within a world-class corporation, or have a measurable impact within a nonprofit or social venture. By adding a co-concentration in Entrepreneurship you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset, gain critical insight into how and why innovation is successful, and learn how to manage the process of value creation.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Entrepreneurship are extremely complementary as both emphasize developing tools, tactics, and procedures for understanding and better meeting market demand. An entrepreneurial mindset helps marketers conduct more effective customer discovery efforts and better utilize the market information they gain through their intensive interactions with current and prospective consumers. Once opportunities for improvements in customer experience are recognized, an entrepreneurial mindset helps marketers develop insight into what potential solutions may be worth experimenting with to enhance product-market fit in the pursuit of superior organizational performance. Entrepreneurs, like marketers, are always selling and refining their sales, negotiating, and value-creation skills.

Information Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

Who would like to launch the next Ebay or Charity: Water? Many opportunities for tremendous wealth creation and social impact lie at the intersection of ITM and entrepreneurship. That is, once an effective online offering is identified through experimentation and an entrepreneurial mindset, scaling the IT enabled solution to 100, 1,000, or 100,000+ users has only marginal costs in comparison with the potential gains in profitability or social impact. Entrepreneurship helps students of ITM employ their IT skills, knowledge, and abilities in better and more impactful ways; it helps direct the efforts of IT savvy individuals towards areas with the greatest potential social and financial impact.

Finance and Entrepreneurship

Finance and Entrepreneurship are tightly linked. Developing an understanding of entrepreneurship helps financial managers better direct and manage organizational expenditures towards projects with uncertain returns, but high potential impact on their organization’s competitive position and long term growth. An understanding of entrepreneurship also helps directs managerial financial efforts towards higher potential external investment opportunities and joint ventures. Understanding the intersection of Finance and Entrepreneurship additionally provides graduates with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to keep their innovative projects well-funded to completion.

What courses are required to co-concentrate in entrepreneurship?

B BUS 400 Entrepreneurship
B MGT 460 Social Entrepreneurship
B FIN 404 Entrepreneurial Finance

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