Undergraduate Admissions

If you are a highly qualified student, there are several methods to gain admission to they undergraduate Accounting, Business Administration and Digital Forensics programs in the UAlbany School of Business:

  • Our Direct Admit program allows outstanding high school performers to enter the School of Business upon entry to the university their freshman year.  Application for direct admission to the school is done through the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the time of application to the University at Albany.
  • Students starting at the University at Albany in their freshman year who are not Direct Admits to the School of Business can be declared Intended School of Business majors at their initial advisement during freshman orientation in the Advisement Services Center. If all requirements as stated in the Undergraduate Bulletin have been met by the end of the student’s fourth semester at the university, he or she can be declared as a major in Business Administration or Accounting.
  • Transfer students may gain admission to the School of Business upon admission to the university provided they have met the necessary requirements as stated in the Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • Students not admitted by any of the above methods but who have completed all admission core courses and have attained junior status (56 credits) are invited to apply to the School of Business by filling out an application available in the Office of Student Services in BB 201.