B.S. Interdisciplinary Major in Financial Market Regulation

Financial markets are among the most important and dynamic systems in the world. Public and private regulators, financial services firms, law firms, and other organizations all play key roles in operating these systems effectively and ethically. 

The University at Albany’s Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a faculty-initiated concentration in Financial Market Regulation is a unique program that prepares students for professional work in the field or study in graduate and law school.

While this interdisciplinary major and minor focuses on Financial Market Regulation, it also provides knowledge relevant to diverse areas in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Students are normally able to use studies in Financial Market Regulation, as a second major or a minor or in combination with majors in Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Political Science, Public Policy and Management, and Sociology. Graduates have found such combined programs to be an advantage in pursuing work in the business and regulation of financial markets. Students in the FMR concentration take ten required courses. Advisors work with students to identify the appropriate mix of electives given students’ career interests.

Students pursuing the major or minor explore four areas, with ethical decision-making a central theme in all areas:
• The business of financial markets
• The law of financial regulation
• The public policy issues underlying financial regulation and supervision
• The technology of information management and data analysis essential to modern business and regulatory systems

Recent graduates have reported that an FMR major or minor provides the ideal complement to our finance dual concentrations and financial analyst honors program. Many of UAlbany's top finance students have taken advantage of internship and employment opportunities in the regulatory sphere. UAlbany students have a distinct advantage over those from competing schools because of their depth of knowledge from the FMR program. 



FMR Advisory Council
• Made up of distinguished professionals in financial services, law and regulation
• Supports the FMR program

Past internships
• Regulatory organizations
• Financial firms
• Law firms

Who hires FMR students
• BAE Systems
• Citi
• Deloitte
• Deutsche Bank
• EY
• Northwestern Mutual

For further information contact Dr. Na Dai, Chair, Department of Finance, School of Business at ndai@albany.edu