MBA Concentration in Information Systems & Business Analytics

Information Systems and Business Analytics trains you to leverage data assets to improve business performance. Students who complete the concentration will be able to link information systems and business analytics with the functional areas of a business. Students will develop competencies in database design and application, business intelligence, data mining, and big data. Additionally, students will be able to frame a business problem, learn how to demonstrate the benefits information system and business analytics projects, and make professional presentations. Concentration graduates will play a vital role in helping companies understand the importance of data and analytical methods for solving problems, taking advantage of opportunities, and improving decision making. 

The ISBA concentration is not a computer science program, but a business program to prepare professionals for using information systems and business analytics to improve an organization’s performance. The concentration admits students with technical and non-technical degrees and prepares them to work across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including marketing, sales, operations, and human resources. The information systems and analytics core of the concentration includes technical content about databases, visualization, and data mining, but grounds the content in a business prospective.

ISBA Field Project

An important component of the ISBA concentration is a year-long field project, which is equivalent to a master’s thesis. Students apply ISBA concepts, principles, and techniques taught in a classroom to real-world problems and opportunities. The projects provide hand-on experience in business context of management expectations, project deadlines, and quality outcomes.

Job Opportunities

Placement of our graduates is a high priority at the University at Albany. The ISBA faculty is dedicated to working with staff and students to help graduates find jobs. Many graduates will receive offers from consulting and other companies.

Our track record in focused education and career-building is based on more than 36 years of solid experience. Employers of our graduates regularly report that Albany students "hit the ground running" and are able to add value to the organization.