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G3 is designed to prepare students to meet the most pressing issues facing businesses in the 21st Century. The learning objectives for G3 focus on integration and globalization:

  1. Work in globally-integrated and cross-functional teams – Work effectively and professionally in a team-based environment under the time constraints and pressures that exist in organizations today.
  2. Integrate first-year coursework – Concepts from all coursework completed in the first year of the program are integrated into the project.
  3. Prepare professional business deliverables – both formal and short presentations, written papers and individual reflections, thoughtful and intelligent questioning of speakers and other presenters.
  4. Global "best practices" – Teams will research the best applications of sustainability from around the world and apply them to their clients’ challenges.

G3 is Hands-on and Practical

Throughout the program, we try to provide real-world experiences and challenges for our students. This program requires students to provide multiple deliverables for clients; coaches; field trips; and various experts, guest speakers, and team members by dealing with pressure, deadlines, and ambiguity.

Students put in more than one-hundred hours in two weeks, spread across activities in class, extensive meetings with team members, their client, and coach, and field trips.

Outside of class, teams have coaching sessions with their team coach and "executive life lines." The results of these activities and meetings are presentations and papers, with a final formal presentation made to the client.

G3 Systems Approach

G3 is designed to ensure our students understand the interconnectedness of all business processes:

  • MBA teams will work on comprehensive sustainability strategies for client companies as a way to learn and apply integrated business systems thinking.
  • In G3, we tear down functional silos by integrating our curriculum, functional content, students, academics, scientists, and industry experts in a single project.
  • Throughout G3, students will be expected to periodically present their findings to senior management of their client company as well as submit written reports for their review..

 G3 has been created to teach each and every MBA how to succeed in the high stakes, high challenge, and high stress environments of today’s business world. Thankfully, not every day will be like this – but some will and we want you to be prepared for them. Our shared purpose is to have students leave UAlbany's MBA program knowing they can succeed!

G3 Student Opinions

Mike Lavilotti

"UAlbany has an MBA with teeth. Through its combination of field projects, real world scenarios and applications as well as the Going Green Globally (G3) consulting project, I have found a new career path which I previously had not even been aware of as an option. In combination with the learning experience, the contacts I made through these various environments allowed me to secure a perfect internship to help me transition from the academic to the professional working world. I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice of academic programs than I am with the choice I made with UAlbany."

Mike Lavilotti
Class of 2012
NYISO Analyst


Jamiris Ogando

"G3 equipped me with the skill sets that are essential in the business world where engaging in sustainable practices is crucial to a company's longevity. During my summer internship this past summer, I used what I learned during G3 and I identified areas of opportunities that were crucial to the client in order to fulfill their long-term goals."

Jamiris Ogando
Class of 2011
Ernst & Young


Greg Weller "G3 was a unique experience that challenged me in many different ways. On day one, we hit the ground running with presentations, tight deadlines, and group and client meetings. It truly replicated the fast pace of today's business world. I was able to network with professionals across various industries and leveraged one relationship into a great summer internship at National Grid. I am still using many of the skills I refined during G3 in my current position as Marketing Manager for a technology company and am glad I have that experience to reflect on."

Greg Weller
Class of 2010
Frontrunner Network Systems

Brian Rudolph




"UAlbany’s G3 program was an outstanding experience both personally and professionally. The program provides MBA students with the opportunity to apply their coursework in a very direct manner. I continue to rely on my G3 experience to this day and I am grateful to the clients, fellow students and most of all UAlbany faculty/staff for continuing to equip MBA students with the skills they need to succeed in a professional setting."

Brian Rudolph
Class of 2012
University at Albany

Kevin McGarry                 



"This program provided me with the necessary tools to tackle difficult daily issues in managing a local business, from marketing plans to managing employee productivity. The G3 program was particularly valuable because it gave us all the opportunity to apply what we learned by researching an sustainability issue plaguing a company, developing a practical solution and presenting it to company leadership."

Kevin McGarry
Class of 2011
Flink Smith










"The G3 experience was a fantastic opportunity for us as MBA students to apply our newfound knowledge to a real world situation in the role of a business consultant. Each company that participated had a unique business issue that they were seeking an actual solution from us to apply in real time.
Drawing from our team of students' various strengths, as well as the resources so generously supplied by our coaches, we were able to respond to our 'client's' needs and provide them a working solution to their issue. To date, I know that our particular client has implemented our suggestions with great success!

Overall, the G3 experience helped me and my classmates identify core strengths within ourselves as well as skills that we may not have been aware of had they not been battle tested. This type of practical education and real world experience is exactly what modern employers are looking for, and I know that it, and the skills I acquired, directly led to my current employment.

Peter McDaniel
Class of 2012
Conway & Kirby


Sarah Csipak



"The G3 program was one of the top experiences that made me happy I chose this MBA program. I highly valued the opportunity to work with well-known clients in a real-world environment to develop and polish skills that I use daily in my current job. The experience was a game-changer that set me apart from other students across the nation in terms of work experience, professionalism and job performance. It is truly an opportunity that all students should experience."

Sarah Csipak
Class of 2014
HCM Analyst at Collaborative Solutions